The Pet Dog Ambassador Program!

A  Credentialing Program for Pet Dogs In Recognition of Great Pet Dog Skills 

The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a 5 step credentialing program for dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills and  ability to manage their canine companion in real life settings. The aim of the credentialing program is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable. The program recognizes this team effort from a puppy’s very early training. 

Help us to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities and knowledge together as a team.  Join us, as an instructor you are licensed to hold and teach the PDA curriculums in your area and if you are an assessor then you can both teach and assess pet dogs in the program. 

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The dog earns qualifications as he/she passes each level of assessment. The qualifications are placed after the dog’s name and are:

  1.  PDA-1 for Companion Dog Assessment – Level 1                           
  2.  PDA-2 for Companion Dog Assessment – Level 2
  3.  PDA-3 for Companion Dog Assessment – Level 3
  4.  PDA-4 for Companion Dog Assessment – Level 4
  5.  PDA-5 for Companion Dog Assessment – Level 5    

Example Skill. Level 3 Exercise 4. Wait to be fed


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